Northwest Looms manufactures weaving shuttles of many different kinds, all in popular American hardwoods. We started making shuttles because we could not find exactly what we needed in the marketplace. We also listened to weaver's suggestions and incorporated their ideas. This resulted in a line of shuttles which is very functional and priced right. As with all Northwest Looms products, the shuttles are handcrafted, sanded to a satin smooth finish, sealed with multiple coats of Tung oil, and waxed to provide a silky finish that is a pleasure to touch.


These shuttles are generally used for weaving with the heavier yarns like rags for rag rugs, rug filler, and for those projects where a larger amount of weft yarn is desired on the shuttle. Pictured on the left are traditional rug shuttles which are made in various lengths and are available in shallow cut (1”) or deep cut (1 ¼”). Pictured in the center are our cleat shuttles. These shuttles are made with a ski point and a cleat designed to prevent catching the warp yarns on the raised section of the shed. They are available in 20”, 25”, and 30” lengths. Longer lengths may be special ordered. The rag shuttles pictured on the right are used for heavier yarns where a large capacity is required. The rag shuttle is available in 15” and 24” lengths. All of the shuttles shown are sanded satin smooth and finished in polyurethane and wax for a great feel and easy weaving.



The Quill Shuttle, also known as a Damask Shuttle, is a small compact shuttle which is perfect for looms with a limited shed when weaving with fine yarns. This shuttle is closed on the bottom to provide a nice smooth surface to slide through the shed easily. Theses shuttles take a 3" paper or cardboard quill which are available through a number of vendors. (see Robin & Russ catalog). The Quill Shuttle features a brass pirn rod which fits into a key way to provide positive retention of the pirn during weaving.


Ski shuttles are perfect for heavier yarns and rags used in weaving. The Ski shuttle is designed to hold plenty of weft. This shuttle has a curve on both ends, approximately 1 1/2" high, to prevent snagging uneven warp ends. The riser which accommodates the weft material is approximately 1 1/4" tall and has a cap on the top to prevent the weft material from coming off. This Ski Shuttle is available in lengths from 12" to over 20".



Norwegian-Style Belt Shuttles have a knife edge on one side and shuttle slots on the other, with a comfortable handle for weaving. These shuttles are perfect for narrow warps on Traditional Looms. These shuttles are approximately 8" long and 1 3/4" wide. The Norwegian-Style Belt Shuttle is a perfect complement to your weaving accessories.

Double-Ended Belt Shuttles are similar, but do not have handles, although it accommodates more yarn than the Norwegian style shuttle. The Double-Ended Belt Shuttle is perfect for inkle and card weaving and narrow warps on a Traditional loom. As with all of our shuttles, these are made in a variety of hardwoods and finished satin smooth - so nice to touch.







Boat shuttles are probably the most functional tool in the weaver’s tool box. We make several different varieties of boat shuttles to accommodate the specific needs of the weaver. The blunt nose shuttles pictured on the left are slightly heavier than the tapered shuttles. They feature a spring-loaded pirn and a large bobbin cavity to accommodate lots of yarn. The shuttles pictured at the top are similar to the blunt nose shuttles but are tapered in the traditional shuttle configuration. The shuttles in the lower third of the picture are our most popular style. They are similar in configuration to the other shuttles but have a pirn which is maintained in the working position by a magnet. All of these shuttles use standard bobbins.


The large boat shuttle will accommodate two standard bobbins or one long bobbin. One side of the shuttle has two slots and the other side has one long slot to accommodate the different bobbin configurations. This shuttle uses a spring loaded pirn and is available in a variety of woods in a satin smooth finish.






Stick shuttles are an important addition to the weaver’s toolbox. We make stick shuttles in a number of different styles to accommodate special needs. Pictured at the top are wide, end load stick shuttles. These are used for bulky yarns. They are available in various lengths.

In the center are narrow, side load stick shuttles. Side load stick shuttles are used when the warp tends to be uneven and a regular end load shuttle has a tendency to catch the warp threads.

The three shuttles at the lower section of the picture are the wide side load stick shuffles which will accommodate some of the heavier weft yarns.

On the right are the traditional end load stick shuttles which most weavers are very familiar with. These, like the other types of stick shuttles are made in a variety of woods and are finished satin smooth.



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