NORTHWEST LOOMS has its origins in the Pacific Northwest. The Company began with the development of the Pioneer Loom which was the result of a 1964 Masters Program Thesis project by Dorothy Tow of Seattle. She had an idea that there must be a better & easier way to warp a loom and to be able to change the heddle threading without cutting the warp. As a result of her efforts, and those of her loom builder partner, the Pioneer Loom was born and became the cornerstone of NORTHWEST LOOMS.

Northwest Looms was acquired by Tony and JoAnn Klissus in 1993 and the business was moved to Ridgecrest, California. During the summer of 2000 we moved the business to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Recognizing the difficulty of developing a successful enterprise on a single item, Northwest Looms added new products to the line.

These products include the Traditional Tabletop Loom, a line of fine bead weaving looms, quality shuttles, and various accessories to make the hand weavers work easier. We add new products to our line on a continual basis and are in the process of developing new items for the discriminating weaver.

Our discriminators in the marketplace are the quality of construction, the variety of fine hardwoods used, and the quality of the finish. We incorporate each of these in EVERY product that we build.

NORTHWEST LOOMS has three primary rules by which we run our business:
* Be responsive to the customer, deliver what is promised.
* Provide quality weaving tools and equipment at a fair price.
* Stand behind the product.