Northwest Looms are quality handcrafted looms constructed of premium hardwood. The looms are finished satin smooth, which is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to touch. Looms are manufactured in YOUR CHOICE of maple, oak, cherry, or walnut. Periodically we have access to specialty woods, like pecan or hickory, which we use when available



The Northwest Pioneer Loom is a highly portable, tabletop model which optimizes flexibility, portability & compactness. The Pioneer Loom features a unique open top heddle, open reed operating mechanism which facilitates on the loom warping to a recommended maximum of 24 EPI & the flexibility to change warp threading while weaving without having to cut the warp. The Pioneer Loom is fitted with canvas aprons, your choice of reed size, heddles, warping rails, and lease sticks.

To facilitate "on-the-loom warping", the Pioneer Loom features extendable beams and warping rails. The Pioneer will accommodate upto 9 yards of warp, depending upon the width. When a shorter warp is desired, such as in sampling, the rails may be removed and the loom warped from apron to apron. In this configuration, the Pioneer will accommodate from 1 1/3 to 2 1/3 yards of warp.



The Northwest Frieda loom is a small, compact, eight shaft loom which is perfect for workshops, teaching, beginners, sampling, and the traveling weaver. The Frieda, an eight shaft table loom, uses the simplicity of a cam style mechanism connected directly to the levers to lift the harnesses. The loom is provided with an open top reed for ease in sleying. All models of the Frieda weigh less than 20 pounds which makes them easy to handle and highly portable. Made of hard maple, the loom comes fully equipped with a reed, heddles, lease sticks and sword, and a shuttle. The Frieda is available in 8", 12", 15", and 18" weaving widths.



The Northwest bead looms are very sturdy and highly functional. The design of the loom facilitates a beam on either end, one accommodates the warp and the other holds the beaded material. This design provides for a long warp and beaded project and maintains a positive tension. The working area is approximately 12 inches by the weaving width of the loom. These bead looms are available in 4½, 6½,  8 ½, 10 ½ and 12 inch weaving widths and in a variety of woods including walnut, cherry, maple, and specialty woods like pecan when available. Custom sizes for larger sizes are available upon special order.




The Northwest Inkle Loom design evolved from the need to have a compact inkle loom which would positively hold tension without bending or collapsing. The closed-sided design of the Northwest Inkle Loom eliminates problems associated with many open sided looms which have a tendency to twist or warp as the weaving tension increases. One side of the Inkle Loom is removable for warping. The only tool required is a screwdriver. The loom accommodates approximately 3 1/2 yards of warp when all pegs are used. The width of the loom will accommodate about 5 1/2 inches of weaving width. Weaving tension is controlled by the sliding roller beam which is held in position by two large wooden wing nuts. These features will ensure that the loom will provide many years of service without problem. The Inkle Loom is available in Your Choice of walnut, cherry, maple, and specialty woods when available.




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