Frieda Loom

A mini weaving loom by Northwest Looms specifically designed for compactness.

The Frieda Loom is perfect for:

         The beginning weaver
             The travelling weaver

The idea for the Frieda Loom was born based on the weavers need for a small, compact,
loom which is easily transportable to workshops and demonstrations, yet provides the
capability and versatility of an eight shaft loom. The Frieda Loom is sized on the old
Structo looms which are in such demand and essentially unavailable.

The Frieda Loom is an eight shaft, table loom which uses the simplicity of a cam-style
mechanism connected directly to the levers to lift the shafts. The loom is available in
8", 12", 15", and 18" weaving widths. The Frieda incorporates an open-top reed for ease
in sleying. Made of hard Maple, the loom comes fully equipped with reed, wire heddles,
and shuttle.