The doubling stand, is used to combine two strands of yarn together, specifically for use in the weft. This concept was borrowed from the spinning craft and adapted for use by weavers. Combining yarns together can produce some interesting effects in weaving. Combining two yarns of different colors will produce a multi-color, variegated weft. This can be used in an overall weave or in stripes to produce an interesting effect. Two thin yarns may be combined to produce a thicker yarn. The interesting and unique effects of using combined yarns is limited only by the imagination of the weaver. The Doubling Stand is handcrafted and has a satin finish. It is available in YOUR CHOICE of maple, oak, cherry, mahogany, or walnut.



A must tool for the spinning enthusiast. This Lazy Kate features room for three bobbins to facilitate plying with three yarns and a tensioning device to ensure that the bobbins do not spin out of control and tangle the yarn. The hoop on the front of the Lazy Kate feeds the yarn through to provide better control. The bobbins are not included.



These Niddy Noddies are solid and well built for many years of use in making skeins of yarn. They are available in two sizes: 12” and 18”. The 12” Niddy Noddy will make a 1 1/3 yard skein while the 18” model will make a two yard skein. Three of the four arm points have a slight knob on the end while the fourth arm point is tapered to facilitate removing the skein.



This electric bobbin winder is simple and practical. It features a tapered shaft to secure the bobbin when winding. The motor is variable speed and is controlled by a foot-operated control.






We offer a variety of beater forks to accommodate your special need. Our beater forks are all wood and are non-weighted. They are available in varying thicknesses, weights, and number of tines per inch.



These battens are heavy beaters with a nicely shaped knife edge for beating the weft in woven bands and in inkle style weaving where the bands are fairly wide. They are made in hickory and pecan for extra weight.



These warping pegs are easy to use and portable. With these pegs there is no need to haul a large warping board to workshops. They are designed to clamp on the side of a table and to make any length warp. Each peg has a clamp bar and a screw with a wing nut so no extra clamps are needed. The double peg is used to make the cross in the warp and the single peg is used to obtain the warp length.



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